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These are some of the usual church wedding requirements in the Philippines. Always double-check for additional requirements with your chosen church, especially for foreigners and those living or working abroad.

1. Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates:  Secure NEW copies which should  have an annotation: “FOR MARRIAGE PURPOSES ONLY”. These docs must  be secured not more than three (3) months before the date of marriage.  FOR MIXED MARRIAGE (different religions or Disparitas Cultas): a dispensation must be secured from the Archdiocesan Chancery Office at the Arzobispado de Manila, 121 Arzobispo St., Intramuros, Manila (near Manila Cathedral). The forms will be provided at the Parish Office which will be released after the canonical interview with the Parish Priest or his assistant. These have to be submitted one week before the wedding. Make sure that the data are correct especially your name and even the names of parents. Make the necessary corrections early on.

2. Marriage License:  Secure this from the city or municipality hall where either the bride or the groom currently lives. For those who are civilly married, a certified true photocopy of the Marriage Contract with the registry number of the city or town where the marriage was performed must be submitted one week before the wedding date.

3. Canonical Interview:  This interview with the bride and the groom will be done one (1) month before the wedding date and will be conducted by the parish priest or parish assistant. The schedule of the interview will be given upon the signing of the application form and paying the reservation fee. Failure to report on the interview date or failure to notify the office of any change in the schedule could mean cancellation of the application and reservation of the church for the upcoming wedding, unless there is a very grave reason for doing so and the church was informed of the reason whatsoever.

4. Pre-Marriage Seminar: Both the bride and the groom have to attend this. The schedule for the seminar will be given during the canonical interview or you may inquire at the parish office. Some churches may allow attendance in other pre-wedding seminars such as the Catholic Engaged Encounter (CEE) or Discovery Weekend (DW) as a suitable substitute (if you have already attended either one of these, inquire at the parish office if they recognize either CEE or DW in lieu of their Pre-Marriage Seminar.) These seminars are more extensive but costs more. But most about to wed couples give good feedback about their experiences in attending these seminars.

5. Permission from the couples’ parish: a permit from the parish of the bride and the groom must be secured and presented to the parish office of the couple’s chosen ceremony venue. The form will be provided by the parish office of your chosen church.  A parish means the church which  has jurisdiction over the place where  the bride and groom currently resides.

6. Marriage Banns: These will be provided during the canonical interview and have to be immediately brought to the respective parishes of the bride and the groom for posting in the respective parishes where the bride and groom currently resides. These have to be returned to the office after three Sundays. (Note: the respective parishes may ask some requirements for the posting of the banns [i.e. a ID picture from the bride and the groom])

7. Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) – This is a document of proof of singleness or capacity to marry and must be secured from the National Statistics Office. For hassle free way of getting a CENOMAR, get it online thru e-census website. For foreigners, secure an  original “Certificate of Freedom to Marry” from your  embassy. The cenomar has a validity period of 6 months.

8. List of  names and addresses of principal sponsors (Ninongs & Ninangs): This has to be submitted to the parish office one week before the wedding date. Church policy requires at least a pair of sponsors and, ideally, a maximum of six sponsors. Always ask the church their maximum number of sponsors as some churches may penalize you if you exceed the allowable number of  principal sponsors.

For a list of Philippine Churches, click this link  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Roman_Catholic_churches_in_the_Philippines


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Here’ a tip to ensure that all the important photos will be taken by your official photographer . Make sure to print this 2 days ahead and give it to your photographer. Provide extra copy to your coordinator and instruct her to remind the photographer of the special moments you want to see during your wedding. They say you will only see how beautiful your wedding is after you’ve seen the shots.

So here’s a photography planner for the shots that are important in your wedding. Just add if you need to add more photo ideas.

1) Pre-wedding

Bridal gown and shoes

Bridal bouquet

Bridal make up

Bride and attendants getting ready

Groom and attendants getting ready

Mother or maid of honor helping bride get ready

Bride leaving for the ceremony

Groom leaving for the ceremony

2) Portraits



Bride and Groom

Bride with detail of back of bridal gown

Bride with maid of honor

Bride with bridesmaids

Groom with groomsmen

Bride with bridesmaid

Ring bearer with flower girl

Entire entourage

Bride with parents

Groom with parents

Bride and groom with parents of the bride

Bride and groom with parents of the groom

Bride and groom with bride’s family

Bride and groom with both set of parents

3) Ceremony

Bridal car

Signs directing guests to wedding

Wedding programs/misalettes

Ceremony site, with guests arriving

Ushers escorting special guests to their seats

Both sets of parents entering

Groom walking down the aisle or awaiting bride

Ring bearer, flower girls walking down the aisle

Bride going down from the bridal car

Dramatic opening of the door to see the bride (make sure no one is at her back)

Bride walking down the aisle (top shot, sideview)

Special guests watching ceremony

Wedding kiss

Bride and groom leading recessional

Guests throwing flower petals

Signing of marriage contract

Bride and groom’s hands displaying rings


Ceiling / Chandeliers of the Church

Stolen moments of children inside the church

Guests wiping tears

Bride or groom wiping tears

Bride and groom departing from the entrance of the church

Bride and groom in church façade

4) Reception

Bride and groom’s grand entrance

Friends signing guest book

Guests at cocktail hour

Seating cards


Reception site empty of guests

Bride and groom listening to toasts

Group pictures of guests per table

Bride and groom’s first dance

Guests dancing

Throwing of bouquet

Wedding souvenirs

Wedding cake

Bride and groom’s cutting of wedding cake

Bride and groom saying their thank you speech

Groom’s toast

Maid of honor’s toast

Thank you speeches

Stolen shots of guest reaction

Stolen shots of bride and groom’s reaction

Fireworks display (if any)

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This question is one of the most controversial  questions asked by soon to wed couples. Although you mean well, sometimes it’s best not to invite an ex to your wedding. Just imagine how awkward it would be for you, for your groom/bride and for your ex.  If you were the ex would you want to steal the limelight?  Probably, at the back of your mind, you want to take your sweet revenge.  This is your moment, this your chance.  So you would want to show up  looking drop dead gorgeous and all glammed up with the ulterior motive of making your ex who’s about to get married to change his/her mind.  But then, that’s wishfull thinking and very pathetic at that.

Assuming now that you parted  really good friends and you really want to come.  Then go ahead and show up but don’t create a scene. Go to the bathroom if you feel like crying.  Don’t give a video of you and your ex as a wedding gift.

Do you kiss your ex goodbye or good luck?  Since this is the last time you will be able to do that, give a quick peck on the cheek and say your goodbye immediately. But walk don’t run! Pretend you’re okay. But then, if you’re really okay, there’s no need to pretend. So just give your smile and never look back and erase any thoughts about your ex from your mind forever! Don’t go calling him in the middle of the night especially during his/her honeymoon week.

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