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1.   Do your own invitation or ask a creative friend to help you make your own wedding  invitation- Unleash your creative side and save some bucks for your wedding.  There are  a lot of templates on the web which you can use.  Just add a few ribbons or paste some sparkling beads on the side. It’s also a great idea if you could add your initials in the invitation for a more personalized look.

If you know creative friends, ask for help. They will be more willing to help you personalize your wedding invitation. Ask for tips on the best type of paper and texture to use. I recommend using sheep skin to use for your inserts. Also, if you have a very legible penmanship, do away with a calligrapher.

Try this site for a free wedding invitation template:


2.   Ask your caterer if they can serve children’s plates for sit down menus serving. If you are planning to have your reception in a restaurant ask if children could be served children’s plates. Reason out that they do not have the same appetite as adults.  You could your caterer to prepare children’s meals such as   chicken, spaghetti,  burger and don’t forget their  ice creams.  Make make sure to give the number of children that have confirmed to attend your wedding day.

3.  Buy your gown and entourage attire at Divisoria or Baclaran. Divisoria and Baclaran  are  havens for brides on a budget. They have a wide selection of wedding attires for bridesmaids, groomsmen and even for the bride and groom.  Just make sure to get a seamstress who is very easy to talk with and have a good reputation for good worksmanship. Ask for recommendations from friends who did the same.  Their bridal and entourage dress set can range from as low as 15,000 to 35,000.00 depending on the material to be used. I made a trip to Divisoria, Manila, Philippines and found beautiful wedding gowns for less than Php 10,000.00 only.  If you are a practical bride, I suggest you go for a trip to Divisoria or Baclaran.

4. Find nearby churches and reception venues. No need to go  for an out-of- town wedding. Remember that it entails additional extra costs for photographers, videographers,  car rentals, hair and make up, caterers, hotel and room accomodations for guests and parents of either bride and groom.

Be resourceful. Scout for nearby churches within your area. Reception should be near so as to save gas. This also eases the burden of travelling far by guests  to reach your reception as hungry as as lion.

5. Book your wedding on a weekday. Weekday weddings cost less than weekend weddings.  Also, since mosts guests are at work, you wouldn’t need an excuse for not inviting everyone in the office, or all your friends and relatives.  Less guests mean more savings.


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Long Sleeve Gown by Rajo Laurel

rajo laurel gown

Lace Gown by Pronovias

Gown with ribbon by Edward Teng

edward teng gown

Rennes Rivini Wedding Dress

Layered Gown by Aquachiara

layered aquachiara gown

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1. DECIDE ON THE WEDDING DATE AND TIME. This is the first step in planning your wedding.  Choose your wedding date and time.  If you are on a budget, it’s best to book your wedding on  a day that falls from Monday to Thursday and avoid Fridays, weekends and holidays.  For some cultures, there are auspicious wedding dates.  Try this link for auspicious weddings dates.

2. PREPARE A DRAFT  ENTOURAGE AND GUEST LIST. This may prove gruesome if you have a limited guest list.  If possible avoid inviting too many children as they  easily get distracted and bored in a formal setting such as a wedding and may ruin the atmosphere of your wedding.  Also, don’t give in to pressure especially from parents or relatives who would want to include their friends even if they are not close to you.   Most budget weddings consist of 50 to 100 guests only. For those with spending power, they can have 150 – 300 guests.  Remember to  be practical. Don’t feel guilty if you cannot invite them all because you’d rather start your married life without draining your and your fiance’s life savings.

3. DECIDE ON THE WEDDING BUDGET.  This is the part where most couples argue a lot. Early on decide who will shoulder which expenses and make sure to stick to the budget once you have decided on the figure.  Be sure to allot about 20-30% for miscellaneous expenses which would include crew meals, transportation to bridal expos, meals and other incidental expenses like board and lodging of the couple’s parents, if needed.

4.  CHOOSE A WEDDING THEME / MOTIFF. There are many wedding themes to choose from.  Oriental, Italian, Greek , Hawaiian, Moroccan, Filipiniana, Vintage, Seasonal (Winter, Spring, Summer,Fall). Or if you are the more creative type try  Movie themes like Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, Indiana Jones, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.   Most modern brides choose more than one color for their motifs. Try pink and brown, green and blue, pink and lavender or if you want a colorful one, think of  bright colors just like what the bridesmaids in Confessions of a Shopaholic wore.

5. CHOOSE AND BOOK  THE PLACE FOR RECEPTION OF GUESTS. There a couple of ways to get  a good wedding caterer.  One way is to attend bridal fairs and wedding expos.  Also, there are lots of wedding resources online.  You may also get your wedding suppliers through wedding and bridal magazines.  An unexpensive way to get suppliers is by attending weddings of friends and should you like their suppliers, remember to get their calling cards.  Ask for referrals.  Remember to check out testimonials and to check out the suppliers history in delivering their goods and services. Always ask which combinations are good for the set menu. Also, read the contract terms especially with regards force majeure and deposit.  If you’re going to get married on a rainy season, it’s best to find a reception hall, or a a place with roofs. Garden weddings are discouraged during rainy seasons for obvious reasons.

6. CHOOSE AND BOOK YOUR WEDDING SUPPLIERS. Start scouting  the following suppliers:  Attire and shoes, wedding rings, photo and video coverage, flowers, cake, invites, makeup, music, event stylist,  souvenirs, hotel for bridal preparation and honeymoon. If you don not have the down payment money yet, you may ask your supplier if it’s possible to pencil book. Usually some suppliers allow at least a week or up to a month’s pencil booking. But pencil bookings are pencil bookings, if you do not give your reservation fee, anytime they could give up the slot to someone else who can pay the reservation fee.  Most suppliers’ reservation fee is 10% of the total price of the contract. However, some suppliers are flexible that you can even make staggered payment for reservation fee. Use your bargaining power and ask always for their most flexible terms especially if your wedding is going to be held a year from now yet. Avoid suppliers with bad reputation. Always ask around. Follow my next blog for a review of the caterers in the Philippines.

7.   FINALIZE THE WEDDING LIST AND YOUR INVITATIONS. At least 3 months from the wedding date, finalize the principal sponsors, entourage and guests.  Your invitations usually follow the wedding motif.  try a passport type invitation or an invitation in a bottle.   Send your invitations at least 2 months in advance.

8.  CHOOSE THE SUPPLIER FOR THE WEDDING GOWN, GROOM’S AND  ENTOURAGE  ATTIRES. Fitting of wedding gowns should be made at least 2 months before the wedding date.  To save on your gown’s costs, try researching gowns on the internet, print it and find a seamstress who can do it for you.  This is for practicality’s sake. Although, some brides want to wear designer gowns, there are cheaper alternatives for a resourceful bride.   To compensate for a non-designer gown, try to source for materials from a wholesale wedding supplier. In the Philippines, try Divisoria and Baclaran for fabrics.  If you are really not that choosy, you can also try to look at their wedding gowns. Some look very good you won’t even notice they’re not designer gowns.  See my next blog on bridal fashion for a more comprehensive discussion about wedding gowns.   For the groom’s attire,  a dark brown or gray suit is the trend. However, there are still those who prefer black or the ever reliable barong. Modern brides also let their bridesmaids choose the color and / or style of the gown. Gone are the days when bridesmaids have to wear the same color and style of dress.

9. SECURE THE NECESSARY PERMITS/ LICENSES .  Marriage licenses should be secured.  In the Philippines, it usually has a validity of 120 days from date of issuance. Make sure your birth certificates  are in order– spelling wise to avoid any unnecessary hassles. Also, get a Certificate of No Marriage as proof of capacity to marry.   Follow my next blog for a more extensive discussion about the license requirements for both church and civil weddings in the Philippines.

10.  PLAN THE HONEYMOON. One of the most exciting part of wedding preps is the honeymoon preparation.  If you both love the beach, there are pristine beaches in the Philippines you can choose from such as Thunderbird Resort in Poro Point, La Union; Shangri-la Mactan in Cebu; Alta Vista, Boracay; Bellaroca Resort, Marinduque; Panglao Island Resort, Bohol and Aman Resorts, Palawan. For those on a budget, there are lots of  beautiful spots in Tagaytay,  Batangas, Antipolo and Laguna.

11. GET A COORDINATOR OR ASSIGN SOMEONE TO BE YOUR  ON THE DAY WEDDING COORDINATOR and USHERETTES.  Having a bad coordinator, as they say, is better than not having a coördinator at all.  Coordinators will lessen the stress you’re going to feel on your wedding day.  Just make sure if you don’t intend to get a paid wedding coordinator, have your sister, a friend or relative assigned to the task. Talk to them about their duties and make sure they understand what to do. You can also ask bridesmaids to be your usherettes and to sit in the reception to advise the guests of their sitting arrangement.

12. HAVE YOUR BRIDAL SHOWER and STAG PARTY. Invite friends at least a month before the wedding for a despedida de soltera and have a girl’s night out or a nail. and spa party. Celebrate your last days with your friends and remind your bridesmaids and maid of honor of their tasks for the wedding.  For the groom let him have a stag party.  Just make sure there is no hanky panky business since you do not want to catch any unwanted disease on your wedding day.

13. COMPLETE ALL THE BALANCE  DOWN PAYMENTS  WITH SUPPLIERS. Have an organizer or arranged all the pending down payments in an excel file and make sure you have withdrawn all the necessary payments in your bank at least a week  from your wedding date and assign a trusted family member of relative to pay for them.

14. GO TO A SPA AND RELAX. Get your nail done and have a luxurious full body massage with your fiancee before your wedding date to relieve the tension and pressure.  Try Wensha Spa, the Spa in Greenbelt, Makati or Callo Resort and Spa in Antipolo.

15. LEAVE EVERYTHING REGARDING SUPPLIER RELATED CONCERNS TO YOUR COORDINATOR. On you big day,  try not to sweat the small stuff.  Smile and leave everything to your coordinator. Relax, treasure and enjoy your wedding!

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