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This question is one of the most controversial  questions asked by soon to wed couples. Although you mean well, sometimes it’s best not to invite an ex to your wedding. Just imagine how awkward it would be for you, for your groom/bride and for your ex.  If you were the ex would you want to steal the limelight?  Probably, at the back of your mind, you want to take your sweet revenge.  This is your moment, this your chance.  So you would want to show up  looking drop dead gorgeous and all glammed up with the ulterior motive of making your ex who’s about to get married to change his/her mind.  But then, that’s wishfull thinking and very pathetic at that.

Assuming now that you parted  really good friends and you really want to come.  Then go ahead and show up but don’t create a scene. Go to the bathroom if you feel like crying.  Don’t give a video of you and your ex as a wedding gift.

Do you kiss your ex goodbye or good luck?  Since this is the last time you will be able to do that, give a quick peck on the cheek and say your goodbye immediately. But walk don’t run! Pretend you’re okay. But then, if you’re really okay, there’s no need to pretend. So just give your smile and never look back and erase any thoughts about your ex from your mind forever! Don’t go calling him in the middle of the night especially during his/her honeymoon week.


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